Missing "number of unread messages" on discourse homepage


Previously i always had Top (number of unread), Latest (number of unread), but since 3 days ago these numbers disappeared and i don’t know which messages are new. I can guess them looking at hours/days since last Activity but that is inaccurate (could be activity of first post or reply but i’m looking for 1st post).

Did i accidentally change some setting and how to make the numbers show again?


Same here. So may be effect is on all forum not only for you.

I hope they fix it soon. But in the meantime you can find the similar filters from the top-right menu


Yup @Sahil that was kinda my go-to for answering questions although now I can look at the x new articles below the weekly counts for each channel.

@DishinGoyani: I didnt notice it until you pointed out. Thanks!

That being said I think most of the volunteers and learning assistants prefer a centralized location to view new topics open for answering/feedback for guided projects. Although it is placed in the hamburger menu it would be more convenient to have it too next to Top and Latest even though its just a couple of clicks away. :wink:


Hey folks,

Yes, we did remove the “New” and “Unread” tabs from the top of the Community this week. We did this to simplify the experience for new users.

These tabs were the only ones that offered a personalised view of the Community topics - this can get confusing. All the tabs that we have right now - “Top”, “Latest” and “Unanswered” - show the same consistent list to everyone.

We believe that this change will make our Community more welcoming for new users.

And as @DishinGoyani pointed out, all the advanced options are still present just one click away in the hamburger menu. :slight_smile: