Mission Review: Too Big a Jump From Last Mission Without Enough Explanations

I found this mission too much of a jump from the last one. We go from seeing how to implement a Logistic Regression model with a single feature that is a continuous variable and a target that is a binary classification, to going to training a model with several features at once, which are all categorical, onto a target column which is multi-classified. I don’t think the logic behind the implementation was explained enough (or even at all, it just gave us instructions on how to implement).

I’ve had to make several of my own models using the mission’s dataset, which gradually builds on the previous Logistic Regression message: (2 continuous features and binary target, 1 continuous feature and a multi-classified target, 1 multi-classified feature and binary target, etc.)

I feel I have a good grasp of multiclassification problems now, but no thanks to this mission!