MLP Neural Network

Hello all

I’m trying to write a code in R to predict the currency rate of USD/EUR using MLP neural Network I’m facing a problem with the input of the function neural-net it keeps giving me an error of

“Error in terms.formula(formula, data = data) : invalid model formula in ExtractVars”
This is the code that i have written so far

ExchangeUSD <- read_excel("C:/Users/GTS/Desktop/ML project/ExchangeUSD.xlsx")

#traning and test data 
trainset <- ExchangeUSD[1:350,]
testset <- ExchangeUSD[351:500,] 

nn <- neuralnet(`YYYY/MM/DD`~ "Wdy"+"USD/EUR",data = trainset)

the data-set contains 500 rows and 3 columns the first column is YYYY/MM/DD and it contains the date from October 2011 until October 2013 (500 data). the second column is Wdy and it contain the weakly days the final column is the USD/EUR and contains the currency rate

ExchangeUSD.xlsx (28.2 KB)

Hi @mohamed96.banihani:

Apologies for the late reply. I have not ventured into DL in the R language myself, but you may find this article or this other useful.

Hope it helps and let me know if you require further clarification and I will get another moderator to answer it.