More than python?

When reading up on job descriptions I notice that an employer usually expects the programmers to know more than one language. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think Dataquest is mostly if not only focusing on python.

I do not know about other people’s goals, but I would really like to learn other programming languages as well. I do not know if this is the plan of the Dataquest in the future, to include even more languages, **but I think it would at least be good to point it out so that Dataquest can focus on making courses in these other languages as well.

So, I just thought that if we want to learn more languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, we should make it known, and perhaps we will get some new courses in these other languages :slight_smile:

Happy to help, Edis! Our philosophy is to focus on learning the underlying skills that most data professionals need. We teach Python, R and SQL because they’re the most popular languages for data science professionals and they’re beginner friendly.

Additionally, if you understand the tools we teach, you’ll be flexible and comfortable learning specific tools and libraries on your own outside of DQ.

Otherwise, I’d be happy to log your suggestions in and pass it along to the team, Edis! If you’re interested in following along with course releases, you can do so here.


Hello Ella, thanks for your fast response!
Yes I understand your philosophy and I understand you need to have a focus, this all makes sense.
I also see the point that when we do learn the tools you teach we will be able to take it further and learn on our own.

I just want to point out that I would not mind keep being subscribed to Dataquest, and learn these new skills with you because I feel you have a very good teaching curve and you explain stuff in greater detail than I have seen on other sites. This is the third time I take a python course, and I felt like I learned a lot from you already that i previously did not know.

This whole system of having missions and projects also makes sense because it feels like you can actually see your progress, which raises confidence and just makes you want to keep going.

I would like to create a better portfolio and get certificates with you guys in these fields as well.
That is why I mentioned that perhaps you could do the same with these other languages.
After all, I have to learn new languages sooner or later and I would rather see it done with dataquest.

I hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

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