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My Code:

 table_percentages = {}
    for key in table:
        percentage = (table[key] / total) * 100
        table_percentages[key] = percentage 

What I expected to happen:
i didnt understand how the percentages will add up into the tabel_percentages

What actually happened:

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I am not sure I entirely understand your question, but the percentages aren’t being added up. You are only calculating the percentages and storing them in that dictionary.

my question is about; how this percentages are sorting into that dictionary as we don’t have any kind of operation shows how we are putting the percentages values into the dictionary , i see that we have
table_percentages[key] = percentage.
but how this will be applied to the rest of the dictionary keys? thank you in advance

That is the line of code that puts the percentages into the dictionary. percentage is the value and key is the key for the dictionary.

The code is inside a for loop that iteratives over all the keys in table. That’s how the dictionary table_percentages gets populated.

ah , ok thanks for your explanation, that helps