Motivation to complete the path

Hello All, I would like to know from you all as to how long it took for you to complete a certain path? I am currently in Data Science and I am also in the process of finding a job. So rejections drown me down and make me lose my focus. I have had experience on Data Science as an Intern but I want to solidify it to crack interviews with ease. I find DataQuest to be Good but the learning structure also wears me down as I have to go through all the 11/14 steps to complete a chapter.

Please tell me the secret of your motivation or the driving force to get this path done

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Well, I started the Data Analyst in Python path in August of 2018, as a premium subscriber, and by November of 2018, I finished the Data Analyst Path. Sometime around the spring of 2019, I was in the middle of the Data Scientist path and I started taking breaks. Some breaks were for legitimate reasons, like studying for a pre-employment exam. Other breaks were due to my own lack of motivation to go through the 11/14 steps. I already have a good Statistics background and already knew some machine learning, so it was tough going through material that I already knew. By August of 2019, I finished the Data Scientist path.

What motivated me to finish? Honestly, I was selected to review a few courses on DataQuest, and in exchange I was offered credit. Since the clock was ticking, and I’m notoriously cheap, I completed the Data Scientist path as fast as possible.

At the moment, I don’t have a success story to share. I am interviewing at more companies, so hopefully I will have a great story to share.

Feel free to message me, if you’d like the opinion of another DataQuest student going through the struggle.

Yours was TOO HONEST. SO it takes three months at least. Thank you so much for the advice.

Yes, but I had a full-time job and family, so factor in no more than 2 hours of studying on the weekdays. Possibly 4 hours on the weekends.

Thank you so much. I will increase my pace and hours.

What motivates me is to prove it to myself and also I find the material fascinating. I have to go through all of the steps and I take my time… I write copious notes and explain the material to myself. Once I feel like I am solid and all of my ‘curious’ thoughts are answered (both on this forum and through trial and error on my IDE) I will move on.

I think for me I enjoy the continuity and the fact that I am working towards something difficult. This will be a nice accomplishment.

Also, I am working as a BA doing SDLC/Consulting type work. I basically challenge myself at work by seeing how much I can do using Python and the information I learned here.

I had a UAT to complete recently and I did 95% of it using Python and Pandas versus cutting up an excel document manually… I thoroughly enjoyed this and it sparked my interested even more.

So what would I sum it up to?

  1. Look at this as a growth opportunity and a challenge and you will not get bored.
  2. Although you do have pressure of finding a job please understand that your core identity is not defined by whether you have a job or can get through the lessons by completing 3/14 or 14/14 of the sections. You are learning.
  3. You will never memorize or know everything. It’s a learning opportunity.
  4. If you go to interview there are tools on the net you can read and learn to get through the interview. Interviews from what I have seen in the tech world are technical, sure, but it’s almost a ‘prove to me you care and know enough to start here.’ Then when you get into the job you work to make sure your words and your actions are accurately parallel.

Tip - If you have social media follow hashtags related to ML, DS, and topics you find here. You’ll be surprised by the # of pages and hashtags with information and cool real-world videos/info on this industry and the topics we learn here. The other day I saw a video of what self-driving cars process information in real time. That was so curious for me and it made me want to see more of that! A good way to spark interest is to look for the stuff that drove you in this direction here to begin with! :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Best of luck to you and do not feel bad. We’re all struggling with insecurities and fears of failure. The fear of failure is a great backboard for success :wink: