My 1st project on 'Python for Data Science: Intermediate'

By spending a short span of time, I have completed the guided project of ‘Python for Data Science: Intermediate’. I know, it is nothing amazing. But the feeling is different for me as it is my first project.
You may follow the link for reaching out to the project.


How did you get your notebook to display properly in GitHub? I uploaded my ipynb file but when I click on it in GitHub, it won’t load.


@heather.gray yeah I get it. What kind of problem you are facing ? Let me know.
Sometime file doesn’t load properly for slow internet connection.

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It just says ‘something went wrong’. As a workaround, I had to include a link in the Readme to the notebook viewer render. Maybe it’s my connection, but I didn’t have any trouble loading yours. Nice project by the way. I like seeing other people’s work. Thanks for sharing.

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That happens all the time to some people, for some reason notebooks don’t always load.

My suggestion is that you reach out to GitHub and let them know. The more we report this, hopefully the quicker they’ll fix it.

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