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Hello, Community! I share my first Guided project with you. I’ll appreciate if you take a look on my write style. Is it good as for you?

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Proffitable_Apps_Research.ipynb (40.9 KB)

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Hi @artemshybanov13! Thank you for sharing your project with the Community :slight_smile:
I appreciated your project, and I especially loved how you outlined a potential app profile.

Some feedback from my side:

  • I’ll start from the conclusions: your summary at the beginning of the project is great but it does not give concrete details about what app you recommend to develop. This

So that the most pfofitable app profile can be an app that will have all of explored features from prime genres. This app might be based on some historical book or some international magazine which gathering a big community of people and include chating possibility. Also the app might have its own ready-made music playlists created special for community.

is a much better description that you should incorporate in the conclusion

  • Document your functions stating at the very least what type of data/variable they return. For example, what does explore_data return? It’s clear as you’ve used this function straight away but in the future when you start writing a more complex code, you’ll notice that you should explicitly say what a function returns and you’ll get lost yourself, let alone an external reader
  • Briefly explain the steps you undertake as it makes the project more coherent. For instance, why are you removing non-English apps?
  • Limit the number of categories you print out to 10, or even 5 since these are the ones you are actually interested in
  • It’s not clear to me how come your average rating is so high? Shouldn’t it be enclosed between 0 and 10 (100)?
  • You have some typos, correct them. For instance, As we can see upper there are a few extrimaly populate categories within Android market place. can be rewritten as As we can see above, there are few extremely popular categories on the Android marketplace

I hope my feedback will help you improve the project :slight_smile: Happy coding!

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Thank you very much for your feedback. I will definitely take into account all the recommendations in this and my next projects.

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Hi @artemshybanov13

Congratulations on finishing this long guided project! You have done an great job. Your report looks very neat and easy to read. You can see many points are already mentioned in the above comment on how you can improve your project even more. So I’m not going to repeat them again.

Just like explanations in markdown cells, code comments also helps. For example what is the logic behind elif ASCII_number > 127: could be added as a short code comment. On a later day you’d wonder what was the significance of the number 127.

Anyway keep up the good work. Looking forward to your next guided project.


Adding comments to non-obvious sections of code definitely makes sense. Thank you.

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