My 2nd Guided Project : Profitable App Profiles for the App Store and Google Play Markets

I just finished my second guided project on Dataquest. I went through the data science workflow by clarifying the goal of the project, collecting relevant data, cleaning the data and analyzing the data. I would like to receive your feedbacks on areas of improvement.
The solution notebook is provided below.

P2 Profitable App Profiles for the App Store and Google Play Markets.ipynb (62.6 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hi @abdullahimadabo! Thanks for sharing the project with the Community :slight_smile: I hope my suggestions are still helpful to improve your project:

  • Try rephrasing your narrative so that it does not copy the Dataquest’s guidelines. Your project should be unique to demonstrate your skills in both data analysis and storytelling
  • Correct a few typos throughout the project
  • It is most likely that the row with highest number of reviews is the latest row.So, we are going to keep this row in all our duplicated apps. — you say that then actually select only the rows with the highest number of reviews, and not necessarily the latest
  • After [19] you have not run the cells
  • prime_column = freq_table(ios_free, -5) — in cell [30] why would you use the negative indexing?
  • I would shrink the length of the output list to the first 10-20 items at most so the project is more readable and easy-to-follow
  • However, it looks like the market is already full of libraries, so we need to add some special features besides the raw version of the book. This might include daily quotes from the book, an audio version of the book, quizzes on the book, a forum where people can discuss the book, etc. — what bothered me all the time is that to use a more recent book, you should agree with the author of that book… I think a better idea would be to hire a few writers and create interactive short (or not-so-short) stories: so that this story has a few deviations in the plot which the reader can choose :slight_smile: It’s not exactly a typical text quest but rather a story. This idea is not new, and those books and stories existed for decades on the paper

I hope I was helpful. Happy coding!


I appreciate your input. The recommendations you gave are quite insightful
Thank you.