My 2nd Python project: Exploring Hacker news posts

All kinds of feedback are welcome

Basics (1).ipynb (15.5 KB)

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Hi @aashaydabli96! Thanks for sharing your project with the Community:) I liked that you described what HackerNews is about, left the link to the data set, and adapted the project to your time zone in the conclusions.

Here are my suggestions:

  • Import all libraries in the first code cell. It will make the code more organized, especially if you need to import more than 3-4 libraries
  • What are the project’s goals? Readers find it out only in the conclusions. You have to state them early in the project to guide readers through the project
  • I believe, you should limit the number of sections or at least create a more organized project’s hierarchy (like having all Data Cleaning things under the level 2 heading, and then level 3 subheadings under Data Cleaning)
  • Following, the last point, it’s better to write technical things from subheadings (like " Finding the amount of Ask HN posts and comments by hour created" as code comments:)
  • You should also better organize the code you write. Split for loops (newline between them). Do the same for all logical parts of your code! I’m not sure if it’s advised by PEP8 but it will make the code look cleaner
  • In conclusions, set to bald only the important parts. What the reader should pay attention to?

Some of the above I had already said in your project on “Profitable apps” here.

I hope, my suggestions are helpful. Happy coding and good luck with your future projects:)

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