My answer to: Guided Project: Finding the Best Markets to Advertise In

Hi all!

I’ve just finished another project in my DQ Data Scientist path and I would like to share it here. Any feedback would be appreciated!

Here’s the URL of the last mission screen of the Guided Project and my notebook (.ipynb file):

Finding the Best Markets to Advertise In.ipynb (121.6 KB)

I’m also including the original CSV:

Thanks everyone!

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hi @alvaro.viudez

This was an unexpectedly short project. Overall a quick and easy read :+1: I guess this project has been completely changed or I have been just too distant from DQ for a long time (my bet is on the latter one!)

You have structured the project well, including the comments with almost every line of code and the narrative in between. Just felt the plots could have been resized (bigger) to emphasize the comparison(s)/ observations.

Just to annoy you - there’s a “SS” in the 4th header! And to annoy you furthermore, what if I ask you to elaborate further on why we should think of India as the second choice and not the UK?

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Hi @Rucha ,

You’re completely right. From all the projects I’ve done so far in my DQ training, this was one of the shortests. It was based on practicing some ways of displaying basic statistics such as the median, percentiles, etc. That’s why after doing the boxplots, the project was almost finished.

I usually let the plot sizes as they are by default, but you’re right - there’s too much blank space that could be filled with bigger graphs to facilitate their inspection.

Regarding your “annoying” (not at all :slight_smile: ) comments:

  • Yep! Another colleague just told me that I had been misspelling “conclusions”. Sorry about that!
  • My argument to favor India is based on the number of people. But I see your point: If I want to say that, I should support the argument on numbers, because there’s a small leap between the numbers and my conclusion . Thanks for that!

Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

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