My answer to: Guided Project: Mobile App for Lottery Addiction

Hi all!

I’ve just finished another guided project on my DQ Data Science path, and I would like to share it here. I acknowledge that I haven’t changed much of the text from the exercises, as I’ve finished so exhausted with the last exercise (I got stuck there) that I have no energy now for reading and re-writting everything. Besides that, I think it turned out well.

Here’s the URL of the last mission screen of the Guided Project and my notebook (.ipynb file):
Mobile App for Lottery Addiction.ipynb (27.8 KB)

I’m also including the dataset here:
649.csv (148.2 KB)

Have a nice day!

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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First off :handshake: congrats @alvaro.viudez on completing your work. It takes some serious focus to do the same, and you’ve done it. (click on the triangle bullet points for the detail)

Presentation Style
  • Without a doubt, you have put in great work to ensure all the necessary details have been put in. You have an introduction, conclusion and multiple titles that explain the relative sections. Everything just seems clean and in-place. Keep that style going :100:
Coding Style
  • I see that you have taken effort to define what each function does. When I started, I used to do the same. However, over time I learnt that there were standards to documentation. I recommend you check this for the same.

I have provided an example below of a function that I defined in an earlier project.

def camel_to_snake(a_column_name):

    Convert column name from camel to snake case
    a_column_name(str): Column name to be converted from camel to snake case
    a_column_name(str): Column name in snake case

    pos = 0
    for letter in a_column_name:
        if letter.isupper() == True:
            pos = a_column_name.index(letter)
            string1 = a_column_name[:pos]
            string2 = a_column_name[pos:]
            a_column_name = string1+"_"+string2
    return (a_column_name.lower())

It is good to put this in to practise now. It will pay off soon.

  • A small thing that stood out. The spelling of the heading “Conclussion” must be corrected.
  • Nothing on this part.

I think you have done a great job :trophy: and I think this is ready for the world :earth_asia: to see. Great job and looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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Hi @jesmaxavier .

Thank you very much for your thorough feedback!

I didn’t know about that standard way of documenting how my funcions work, so I’m going to read it and start applying it right away! Thanks for that info, the typo, and your kind words for the rest of it!

Have a great day pal! :slight_smile: