My DataQuest Story -COVID-19 scholarship


I had the opportunity to receive the valuable COVID-19 scholarship from DataQuest. My background is in economics and had a bit knowledge about programming. Some Stata regressions on econometrics courses. I live in a Latin American and there has been lots of support from the government on Data Science awareness. Every year the government launches a Data Science For All intensive course, taught by US based company Correlation One.

My plan is to first go through the Data Analyst and Data Science Python paths in the next 6-9 months. My economics and statistics experience gave me a solid base to begin with. Nevertheless, DQ allows anyone to start programming from zero. The reading and programming methodology has been very insightful and rewarding.

By next year, with the lessons learned on DQ I will be eligible to be part of the Data Science For All intensive course and continues implementing this significant field into my professional career.

Thanks DQ for improving my career and job prospects! Over my journey, I will be updating this post :slight_smile:



I also received the COVID-19 scholarship , my background is also in economics, I also used Stata regressions on econometrics courses and I am also from Latin America. The only differnce is that my country’s government hates sciences :disappointed_relieved:

Where are you from?

Welcome to the community!


Oi Otavio,

Muito prazer! Lots of coincidences, I am from Medellin, Colombia. Thanks for your embracing welcome. I’ve been actively working on the missions so far, and now I’m starting to participate more in the forum. Im glad to see fellows with similar a similar background on DQ. What are your plans with Data Science?

O prazer é meu! I’m sure you’ll learn a lot from the missions and here in the forum. Dataquest community is awesome!

I am studying really hard to build a career in data sicense. I believe that data science is very powerful tool to help us understand the world, so I’d definitely like to work with it.

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Nice! Are there other tools or material your using towards you DS Career?

On my side, I’m taking the MIT Intro to CS and Programming in Python course online.

Cool! I’ve been meaning to take this course as well, but did not do it yet. How are you liking it?

I took the IBM Machine Learning with Python course on Coursera. It is a very good introduction to Machine Learning.

I recommend at least watching the videos and reading the corresponding chapter of the textbook. Is a perfect complement to DQ since it introduces the fundamentals of Computer Science. Which has been particularly useful for a friend and I with similar background. Moreover, the have a second course, (6.00002) continuing the lessons with a Data Science approach.
Im currently in the “Working with Strings in Pandas”, do you recommend to take the IBM course now or should it be later with more programming knowledge?

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Good to know about the MIT courses, I’ll really try to find the time to take them!

For the IBM course I think it is a good idea to at least finish the step 2 of the data analyst path, so you’re more used to wok with the pandas and matplotlib libraries.

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Good to know that. I also benefit from the scholarship and I am now halfway through both paths offered by the scholarship. I would also like to take this opportunity to give my respect and thanks to DQ.


Nice one Federico. This is a great environment to grow in knowledge, welcome onboard!!

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Hi there!

I’ve had a slow start since I was fasting Ramadan but now I’m going full speed ahead.
Thank you to DataQuest for including me in the scholarship program, I wouldn’t have been able to afford it otherwise! In return I’ll do my best to finish the path I started.
Hope to learn from DQ and the community as well!



Welcome to the community and goodluck on your DQ journey!