My Firs Guided project: Helicopter Prison Break

Hello, community. This is my first guided project. Just started gaining more structures in data science. It is a really great walk-through with Dataquest.

This is the file of my project:
Basics.ipynb (94.4 KB)

I will be happy to appreciate your comments on areas of improvement as the journey goes on.

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Great work @douglousmangoyi; you have taken the first of many steps to start this amazing journey and you have done well. however, there are some other things you need to consider

  • Data science is about employing different tools to give meaning to data, python, excels and the likes are the tools, what you are able to infer after using these tools makes you a data scientist, so what I am saying in earnest is your work needs a title and a conclusion,
    • the title of what you’re trying to achieve and a conclusion of what you have observed
  • it’s also nice to rerun your codes when you’re done to just if there are errors anywhere and to make your work decent.
  • in cell[23] it’d have been great to limit the total number of rows that’d be displayed, displaying that long makes your work longer since you’re not necessarily showing us anything from it and you are actually supplied to print the rows not data. it’s supposed to be print(row[:3])

Great work, keep it up :raised_hands:

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