My First Dashboard

Hi everyone, I am open to suggestions and corrections.


Welcome to the Dataquest community! :partying_face:

That looks great. Good luck with the rest of your work.


Hi @barnantwi70

Great job finishing your dashboard. Great choice on chart types. I could quickly understand the sales category % on the pie chart.

A few suggestions to consider:

  • if the dashboard is interactive then the user can sort but if not interactive, did you consider sorting the table by year or by category
  • did you consider sorting the months in ascending or descending order on your bar chart
  • did you consider adding the average sales amount per region or % on the map chart

Great dashboard explaining superstore .


Hi there,

Nice work completing the dashboard.

I don’t have any experience with Power BI so my review will only focus solely on the presentation of the dashboard.

  1. It seems redundant that you have two places that show the “Total Sales”.
  2. Does the “Sum of Sales by Month” chart refer to the sum for sales of all years or any single year?
  3. Is there a reason that you highlight the net profit by segment for 2016 instead of any other year?
  4. Similar to the above, is the best average sales for the countries referring to a single year or a span of years?
  5. The pie chart customer’s segment has a truncated percentage. Consider rounding the number down to 2 decimals, or if that’s already the case then expand the labels to accommodate all digits.
  6. On the map, maybe add the average sales for each country.

I don’t know the instructions you followed, so my feedback is likely to be missing the mark or downright wrong. Though, if it’s possible, maybe clarify some of the visualizations/data presented by putting a description somewhere in the dashboard.

Happy learning. Cheers.

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Thank you Bruce. It feels real good to be here.

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Thank you for the incredible suggestions, Casandra.

  • It is an interactive dashboard. I only followed the (Dataquest) screen instructions but I’d definitely look at applying what you just shared.
  • I have issues sorting with months.
  • I don’t know how to do that.
    Kindly guide me .

@wanzulfikri . Thanks a lot.

  1. Okay. I’ll go back to my dashboard.
  2. It refers to the sum for sales of all years. I’d have specified if it was for a particular year.
  3. The dataset screen asked us to highlight the net profit by segment for 2016.
  4. Similar to no. 3 response, It also refers to all years.
  5. I have just worked on it thanks to your suggestion.
  6. I am working on it. I seem to have issues getting the value/percentage for the average sales added.
    This is my first dashboard and I haven’t started the visualization aspect of the PowerBi course. Most of the things you see are based on the screens. We haven’t gone deep into the course yet. Hopefully, I’ll get better as I continue the course. I appreciate you taking the time to share these corrections with me. I’ll make improvements.

No worries.

You’re right, but that’s implicit, and the viewer of the dashboard doesn’t know that especially when the dashboard involves data for multiple years. It’s always useful to make things as explicit as possible especially if the dashboard is meant for others and not just yourself.

Unfortunately, my suggestions are limited to what I’m able to see, so there might be something that’s obvious to you but not so much for me. Ideally, I would like to interact with the dashboard myself, but I’m not sure if that’s possible.

Anyhow, there’s no rush implementing any of the suggestions really. Sometimes, it’s better to go deeper into the course first, and then come back to past projects once you’re confident you can make further improvements.

And thank you very much for reading my suggestions. I wish you the best in your learning.