My First Data Science Project - Helicopter Escapes!

I am sharing my first completed project and it seems to me an excellent platform for this type of learning****strong text

Python Dictionaries And Frequency Tables | Dataquest
Basics.ipynb (78.9 KB)

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Hi @fernandoganardinero, Thank you for sharing such nice work it’s a good one for a good project fir a start. howbeit there is more you can and should do.

  • You didn’t tell us what the project is about and the questions you were trying to answer
  • Data analysis is more of an art and it’s beyond just writing codes, it involves a description of every step you took and a more comprehensive summary of what you observed.
  • Also there are more you could have done like plotting the graph like a histogram to display a comparison of the distribution of certain numerical data.
  • Lastly, there is still more question you can answer with that data like success rate