**My first Data Science Project - Helicopter Escapes**

My First Guided Project which is the Helicopter Escape Project. Was able to complete it even though I got stuck at a point. So happy to see the improvement I am making.
check it out here
Link: https://app.dataquest.io/jupyter/notebooks/notebook/my_first_data_science_project.ipynb
And this is the file
My First Project.ipynb (79.6 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hello @Gracious_T, welcome to the community and congratulations on completing your first guided project!

The point of doing any data analysis project is to convey a story to the audience. Majority of the audience would know what the project is about only by markdowns. Your markdowns aren’t descriptive enough, I’d say

Try adding a bit of introduction about what the project is about in the first cell, you could make the title ‘My First Data Science’ heading to be bold and under that you could add what the project is about. I can understand, it’s still early days for you, but cultivating the right way of telling a story is very important. Here’s a style guide which will help you in constructing your analysis.

And here’s a link for the markdown syntax.


Thank you @vishallbabu5, I actually don’t know much about how to use Markup like making Font’s bigger or bold. I will go thorough the link you sent and make adjustments. Thanks once again.

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