My First Data Science Project on Helicopter Escapes

Helicopter Escapes.ipynb (79.5 KB)

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Hello, @gargarkwamegideon12. Congratulations on completing your first guided project! I had a quick look at your project.

The main aim of doing any data analysis is conveying a story to the audience. So, make sure the markdowns are descriptive. For example, 1. Try adding an introduction to the project, what insight are you trying to derive out of the data.
2. ‘Modifying the data to remove the last element of each row (the details)’ markdown cell is self explanatory to you, because you are doing the project and you would know it. But, what if a reader like me is able to make out of it? I would wanna know why you are doing it. You could add like, ‘Since we only want to know in which year and the country the escapes happened. The details column is pointless for our analysis, so we will remove it.’

Good luck on your learning journey.


Thanks a lot more for your feedbacks.