My first guided project - Exploring Hacker News Posts

Hello all,
This is my first guided project and I am happy to share it here for appraisal.

My journey of a thousand miles has just added another major step.
Thanks to Dataquest for this opportunity.

Kind regards
Hacker News Guided project.ipynb (19.9 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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HI @eke.gregory96, I applaud the time and effort you invested in the project, not just to show it off but also with the goal of making it a resource for other students. Here are my thoughts:

  • Each step you took was well Detailed and properly explained

However there are some steps you still need to take that’d make your project better, I know this is the first of many so you need to in more invest inquiry to get better,

  • In[1], In[4], In[8], In[10], In[23], In[24] are supposed to be your observations from your inquiry I think, you need to check the top of your juptyer notebook and change from code to markdown in this places so your code would come out clean and remove the ''' also.

cheers and keep learning