My first guided project : helicopter prison break

Hello, here is my first guided project!
Review and comment is highly welcome because I believe I will learn from them.

Basics.ipynb (81.1 KB)

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Hello @jumokeakinyemi52. Welcome to the community and congratulations on completing your first guided project. I had a look at your project. Here are a few areas on which you could improve to make your analysis better.

  • Always add an introduction to your project, explaining the readers what insights are you trying to derive from the analysis. In this case, you haven’t added any. So if someone were to read your project, they would never know what questions are you trying to answer in your analysis. Remember, data analysis is a form a story telling.
  • Use markdown to explain your thought process and what are you doing a certain thing and the reason for it. For example, in this particular project, you are removing the last details column of the dataset. You could have written like, Since, we only want to know the year in which most escapes happened and the country in which happened. The ‘details’ column for the analysis is pointless and makes the data a bit difficult to read. So, let’s get rid of the details column. Likewise, you could have done the same for fetching only the years of each prison escape.
  • The coding part of your project looks good to me, I don’t see any problem.
  • Good job on adding a conclusion to the end of your project, gives a gist of the overall analysis.
  • Lastly, always rerun your entire cells in the end.
    All the best on your learning journey. :smiley:

Thank you @vishallbabu5 . I understood and I’ve taken note of everything you said.
I really appreciate it.