My First Guided project: Helicopter Prison break

1.Hi everyone! Here’s my first guided project! Comments and Reviews are trully welcome cause I like to learn from them. Thank you :smiling_face:

  1. Here’s the project guidelines link:(Learn data science with Python and R projects)

  2. Here’s the ipynb file:
    Projeto_Prison_Break.ipynb (4.0 MB)

    Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hi @scarletjuliamk,

Welcome to the community and thank you for sharing your project.

Unfortunately, the only languages I understand are English and my native language, and it seems that your project is written in Spanish/Portuguese(?).

Though from what I was able to understand, what stood out to me is your plots are quite visually appealing. My only suggestion is to add a plot title for each of them.

You might also want to avoid printing things that are overwhelmingly long. For example, code cell [4] prints a lot of stuff and a lot of those are HTML markups which can be difficult to read. You can either not print anything or print just a few lines just to show some part of helicopter_escape.

Also, remove unused codes such as the one in code cell [2]. It’ll make your project neater for you and everyone who reads it.

Another thing is the " Códigos tentados" section looks a bit weird because it looks as if the text under the heading should be inside a code cell.

Hopefully that helps. Cheers.


Thanks! I’ll change the file according to you review! It’s in Portuguese but I’ll change for english.
This is really helpfull for me thank you!


No worries @scarletjuliamk.

Writing it in Portuguese is fine if you want it to share the project with someone who understands Portuguese e.g. maybe you’ll one day work in a company that predominantly speaks Portuguese. So feel free to keep the Portuguese version if you intend to do so because it could be useful to highlight your Portuguese language proficiency in the future.

Maybe have two versions - Portuguese and English.


Here’s some improvements on Project Prison Break!

File in English:
Projeto_Prison_Break_English.ipynb (3.8 MB)
Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

File in Portuguese:
Projeto_Prison_Break_Portuguese.ipynb (202.2 KB)
Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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