My first guided project : Helicopter Prison Escapes

hi guys,
I would like to know your thoughts on this project
Helicopter Prison Escapes.ipynb (78.8 KB)

How to complete these questions

  • In which countries do helicopter prison breaks have a higher chance of success?
  • How does the number of escapees affect the success?
  • Which escapees have done it more than once?


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Hi @datallan

Welcome to DQ community and Congratulations on finishing your first guided project.

I had a quick look at your project and looks like you have followed all the guidelines properly. All your code also looking good. One suggestion would be regarding the presentation of the project. Introduction, explanations, conclusion etc using markdown cells can greatly improve the readability and it makes the code into a report. Code comments also helps. You can find a detailed guide here that will help you next time.

An In-Depth Style Guide for Data Science Projects

To answer your other questions regarding the extra points mentioned in the guided project, the best way is to think about it yourself and try it first and then go through the tags connected with guided projects from this lesson. There are a few people who attempted to find answers for the extra questions. That way you can match your thought process with your peers and find the answers to your questions as well.

I hope this helps. Good luck with your next guided project.

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Thank you @jithins123 I’ll look into it

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