My First Guided Project-I UPLOADED FINALLY

Hello Everyone

Below is the link to my 1st Guided Project:

Also attached is my report in pdf.
Superstore project 1 Guided Completed.pdf (108.8 KB)
Please let me know what additional steps I should take to improve on this project.

Thank you

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Hi @odimukooluchi,

Great job finishing your first guided project. Great job creating charts displaying annual sales revenue by category and segment. Adding legends and axis titles made the charts easy to interpret and understand.

  • Did you think about adding a title at the top of your dashboard?
  • I am just thinking aloud but would the ‚ÄúSales by Category‚ÄĚ bar chart be easier to understand if the vertical axis was in 100,000 increments instead of .2M increments?
  • I know it is self explanatory what the years should be on the horizontal axis for the ‚ÄúSales by Category‚ÄĚ chart but it may be easier to understand if all the years were listed on the horizontal axis.
  • You may want to add the time period covered in the ‚ÄúSales Segment‚ÄĚ pie chart
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