My first guided Project : Prison Break

Hello guys, just completed my first guided project and would like to get feedback and suggestions that would help me improve. Thanks
Project_Prison_Break.ipynb (78.4 KB)

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Hey @mfamokunde

Congratulations on completing your first project with DQ! As a first project this is great work :+1:

As the complexity of the projects will increase so will your efforts and the feedback. :wink:

For now, I would suggest you try and update the titles of steps from generic to specific details:

  • Replacing of element >> Converting Month Year to Only Year
  • Creating a list >> All the years between min and max years

Not exactly these but something that explains what you are trying to do in that step. You have done so for other steps already.

Also, use the “Restart & Run All” option so that all the project starts at code cell 1 and end at the appropriate last cell number.

All the best for your future work! Happy Learning :+1:

Thanks for the feedback @Rucha :handshake:

Congrats on finishing a project from me as well. One piece of feedback to improve on the programming is to think about the data structures you used. For example, in the Breakdown of attempts per year you stored the attempts per year as a list of lists (below).

attempts_per_year = []
for y in years:
    attempts_per_year.append([y, 0])

for row in data:
    for ya in attempts_per_year:
        if row[0] == y:
            ya[1] += 1


This requires filling in the attempts per year using a nested for loop which is inefficient (and would be slow on a large dataset). Instead you could use a python dict (avoiding nested for loops) like this

attempts_per_year = {}
for y in years:
    attempts_per_year[y] = 0

for row in data:
    y = row[0]
    attempts_per_year[y] += 1


Thanks for the feedback @ s.lit.winkler. Would take that into consideration.