My First Guided Project With PowerBI

Hey guys.
Here is my first guided project on PowerBI.
Currently working on relearning PowerBI and this project was quick and simple.

I combined x-axis for Life_exp and Avg_life_exp to make the charts much cleaner.
Also, used a treemap as a slicer considering there are only 4 regions and made each region the same color for each chart. This would help to remove the legends in 3/4 charts.

Appreciate any feedback on this report. :smile:

DQ - Life Expectency And GDP.pdf (147.3 KB)

Hi @shanil199,

Here are my personal thoughts:

  1. Removing the x-axis for the Life_Exp plot made it confusing for me personally. Without reading your opening thread, I would not have figured out that the 2 charts on the left shared the same x-axis.
  2. The size of the dots for the Life_Exp plot is a little too big. With so many data points overlapping, I couldn’t really see what’s happening.
  3. The plots on the right have decreasing time series. Generally, we are more used to looking at plots with increasing time series.
  4. For the GDP_PerCap By Year & Income2017 plot, I’m not sure why Income2017 is mentioned in the title and legend, and why each of the years can be expressed as a factor of Income2017.

Perhaps some of my questions are asking for too much, but because I haven’t done this project before, I’m looking at it from a fresh perspective. Hope you understand.

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Hey @chuawt

  1. Yeah possible scatter chart is not the easiest to read with combined charts, will look into that.
  2. Fair point, will look to adjust that point, didn’t think about it too much because spent enough time on it.
  3. Totally agree, just couldn’t work out how to flip it in PowerBI but that did bother me so much.
  4. Valid point, its unnecessary to have both , will look to get rid of it from legend.

Much appreciate the time taken to review my work.