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My First Guided Project

Hi, this is my first project with Python. It took me 12 hours to finish and it was fun.


Hello @reginaldrenzsantos! Congratulation on sharing your first project with the community. I liked that you have intermediate observations of the analysis, describe the steps you’ve taken, comment on the code (and even use docstring in the functions!). Another thing to notice is links to data sets and kaggle discussion that is very important to help readers referring to data sources. Also the conclusion is neat and is concentrated only on the things a business professional would be interested in. You’ve even said that we may need a deeper analysis to better understand the app market.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Define better the project goal: like what’s exactly do you want? Which data sets you are going to use?
  • docstrings are good but you can improve them. Refer, for example, to pandas source code. They have very good examples of docstring usage
  • In code cell [1] the function’s name does not follow recommended Python style. It’s better to call it dataset_csv
  • Correct some small typos
  • In code cell [24], the function display_table takes 3 arguments, not 2 as you say in docstring
  • You can split the ode into logical parts and comment on it in code cells [27], [28], and [68]
  • It’s better to rerun the project for the consecutive order of code cells
  • Do you want to set some phrases to bold in conclusions to emphasize the most important findings?

Happy coding and good luck with your next projects!



Wow, thanks @artur.sannikov96 ! Your commend is so motivating. When you said docstrings, you’re referring to the commented section inside the function right ? As for the convention of naming the function, yes I took a note for that. I’ve just learnt it yesterday in the ‘Object-Oriented Python’ section here in dataquest. I’ve learned how to properly name a class and a function.

Again thank you for your insights. I’ll take these into considerations on my next project. I just started learning python, and I’ve been enjoying it so far. I’m trying to learn to make a career change :slight_smile:

Yes, docstrings are function descriptions between triple quotes. You can read more about them here.

You are welcome and good luck with the career change!

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