My First Prison Break Attempt

Hey all!

Super excited to share with you my first project on Jupyter Notebook! In which year do you think that the most attempts at breaking out of prison with a helicopter occurred? And in which country? Check out my ipynb file to find out!

Very happy to receive feedback on how to make my code more efficient, professional, and readable!

Here’s the project guidelines link: Learn data science with Python and R projects

Here’s the ipynb file:
Prison Break .ipynb (81.9 KB)


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Hi @giorgia

Thanks for sharing your first project with Dataquest community. This is great start , and it’s very encouraging how you have work out the codes to render the desired results, keep it up.
Have got few suggestions to make,

  • Always consider having the objectives of your project summarized in the introduction. Like what are these questions your project is trying to answer? For example , in your workings, you have listed France as the country with the most prison escape attempts. You can paraphrase this as an objective.
  • Also , for observations that you know must be supported with a code - you should always have them below the codes. Not like in cell[14]where you did an observations before the outputted result.
  • Always consider re-running your project after you are done for sequential ordering of the code cells.
  • Do more on observations , like below cell[11] you ought to have mentioned the year with most prison attempts.
  • You can preffer displaying list of list vertically and not horizontally for readability. To achieve this ,just display the list without the print() function.

like instead of


you can just have it as,

  • Delete the last two empty code cell, they serve no purpose in your project.

otherwise congratulations buddy for the good work. Wishing you the best in your upcoming projects.

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Hi @giorgia

Great job completing your first project.

The bar plot and table were helpful in visually understanding the year and country with the most prison break attempts.

Your code looked good, and the output was easy to read so I was able to understand the two questions you were answering with your analysis.

So, I will mainly comment on the overall presentation and style as I was reading your project.

Please click on the triangle bullet to read my suggestions:

  • You did a good job adding charts, tables, markdown and comments later in the project so I could understand your project analysis, but it would help me in the beginning to know what your project is about with a more descriptive project title.

  • Again, you did a great job dividing your project into multiple sections, but you may consider adding more descriptive names to your sections. For example, you may consider changing the general heading “For Loop” to something that describes the section or just adding a comment here instead of a title.

  • Your project may be easier to understand with more descriptive variable names:

for y in range(min_year, max_year + 1):

# You may consider changing "y" to a more descriptive or meaningful variable name

for row in data:
    for ya in attempts_per_year:
        y = ya[0]
        if row[0] == y:
            ya[1] += 1

# You may consider changing "ya" to a more descriptive variable name. What is each item in the attempts_per_year list?

Here is a link to an in-depth style guide that will be a valuable help as you build future projects. The style guide goes into more details on presenting your project.

Again, you did a great job answering the overall project questions in helpful code, charts and graphs!


Thank you @Casandra_Hayward for your feedback! Would you suggest beginner coders to focus on style as well or would it be more important to improve the logic and the thinking behind the coding? Curious to hear!

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Hi @giorgia

I think you did a great job on your first project. As you follow the dataquest lessons and projects, you will have the opportunity to incorporate the style guide suggestions.

This is your first project and you did a great job understanding the code. So, I would continue doing what you are doing.

As you build more projects, you can add more style guide suggestions.