My first project : helicopter prison break

I’m happy to complete my first project. I will be grateful for the feedbacks so that I can continually improve.
Thank you so much!
Guided Project Prison Break.tar (95 KB)

Basics.ipynb (89.4 KB)

Hi @emerson.dumont

Welcome to the community. Great job finishing your first project.

Can you upload the .ipynb file so we can view your project in the browser?

Here is a link to an article that lists the steps to upload the .ipynb file to the community.


Hi Casandra

Sorry. Now , I have uploaded the .ipynb file.

Thank you!
Basics.ipynb (89.4 KB)

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Hi @emerson.dumont ,

Great job finishing your first project. It was very easy to follow your project. The bar plot and table were easy to read and helped me to quickly see how many attempts per year and the country with the most attempts.

Click on the triangle bullets to read additional suggestions:

Add an Introduction

Even though this is a sample project, you can still imagine an audience who will be reading your project. With that in mind, you can add an introduction to provide an overview and explain what and why you are doing the project.

The below concepts are from the style guide here

  • Describe your project concisely. In no more than three paragraphs (of maximum 3-4 sentences each), discuss concisely:
    • The goal of your analysis.
    • The approach you’ll take to reach that goal.
    • The most important result(s) you found — we mention results here to prove our ability to communicate our findings quickly.

You can check out this style guide for further ideas on writing an introduction.

Add more comments and explanations

You did great job explaining the fetch_year() function.

1.) You may want to add more comments to:
data[index] = row[:-1]

2.) Great job going beyond the beginning project. You may want to add comments to explain your code sections:

  • In which countries do helicopter prison breaks have a higher chance of success?
  • Which escapees have done it more than once?
Add a conclusion

Below Conclusion notes are from style guide here:


For our purposes here, a good conclusion:

  • Reminds the reader what the initial goal was and what was the main approach you took to reach that goal.
  • Summarizes the most important results.

Practically, the conclusion is similar to an introduction rephrased in the light of what has been done in the main body. To write a good conclusion, try to:

  • Be concise and don’t use more than two paragraphs (of maximum 3-4 sentences each).

Even though, I have read this project multiple times, your comments and additional work made the project interesting to read. You did a great job leading the reader through your project.


Hi Casandra

Thanks a lot for your comments.

I am sure it will help me to improve my project development.

Best regards

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