My First Project on Github - Please check and give feedback!

Hello All!

Greetings from Istanbul!

My name’s Canan and I’ve been learning Data Analysis for a month. It’s a new area for me and I’m putting a great effort to learn it. After having finished some missons here on DQ, I finished my first data analysis project and the link is below:

Since it’s my first project, I will need your feedbacks more than ever!
Also it’d be great if you send me your Github links so I can check them.

Thank you all in advance!


@ nityesh - Look at this project. Very well done.


This is really insightful @Cananc. It’s so interesting to see how spectacularly different the opinions of Democrats and Republicans are! Thanks for sharing this amazing work @Cananc!!

Thank you @eugeniosp3 for bringing it to my attention! :slight_smile:

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