My first project: Prison Break

Hello everyone,

I just finished my first guided project, i was confused a little because it was pretty challenging for me, but i just finished it, I’m glad that i did it after all

I will appreciate it if you let me know your opinion about it and feedback
I’ve uploaded the file down there :slight_smile:

Basics.ipynb (197.2 KB)
Guided Project_ Prison Break.tar (203 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hi Dolly @Dolly.Dolumaso , welcome to Dataquest community. Great to see that you have finished your first guided project. Congratulations. You have definitely followed the instructions very religiosly. Good work.

I did a quick glance through your code and I found something interesting here

data = data_from_url(url)
for row in data:

Are you able to spot what could be different here?

Since it is your first guided project, probably you didn’t have come across the style guide where it suggests to give introduction, explanation, conclusion etc to your report. You can find it here

Also, please try to restart and rerun all the cells before submitting the ipynb notebook file. I hope this helps. Keep up the good work and post more guided projects here.

Hi @Dolly.Dolumaso big congratulations too. i am also trying the get my way out of this first project, but i must say it is a bit challenging and the fact that my first few screen though i i’m wrote the correct codes, i am still having syntax error, i am not able to figure it out. it made other screens activities unreal . i hope to get the issues resolved

Hi @lawalteslimopeyemi

Welcome to DQ community and you are in the right place if you have difficulty in getting through the first guided project. All you have to do to get help is to create a new post and ask your question. This guide will help you ask your first technical question in the community.

Looking forward to helping you with your questions.