My First Project Python : Prison Break

it was litle hard to me doing that,because iam not an matethamtical background but i tried hard

First Project-Python.ipynb (79.2 KB)

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Hello @Helmii8. The file seems to be not uploaded properly. Could you upload it again?

The link for the project isn’t created, yet. Could you refer to this link for on uploading a project in the community.

Good job on completing your first guided project, @Helmii8.

Firstly, remove cells 1 to 3, since they don’t add any value to this particular project. I believe, that was used for learning how jupyter notebook works.

Here are a few areas you could improve on and apply them to your next project.

  • Add a title to your project.
  • Any data analysis project would require an introduction, give a brief introduction in the beginning about the project. What the project is about, what’s the findings you’re going to draw from the analysis. This would help readers know what the project is about.
  • Try adding markdowns explaining what’s that you’re trying to do, keep it as less technical as possible. For example, in this project, you’re removing the last details of each row because it’s irrelevant for your project. You could explain why are you doing that in the markdown.
  • The code looks fine, so good job on that.

Here’s a style guide link which will help you in knowing more about structuring your future projects. Happy learning.

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Hi @Helmii8 ,
Great job finishing your first project. Great job explaining “extracting year” process. The column chart showing attempts per year and your table showing countries with most attempts were easy to understand and follow.

You may want to add titles to barplot attempts per year.

Also, you may want to add comments under the barplot explaining your analysis- “the years with the most attempts were 1986……”

You may also want to add an introduction with what question will your project answer …
something like “ what year had the most attempts” or “ what country had the most attempt”

You may also want to add a conclusion, explaining your analysis.

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