my first project


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Hi @illakkiae Congratulations on finishing your first guided project.

It is indeed an exciting thing to finish your first data science project. It is quite normal that it reflected on your project name on top. But when you share projects with a wider audience in future it will be a good idea to give a title that gives an idea about the analysis you’re doing. Something like Analysing Prison break data or similar.

Along with that it would be good to add a bit of introduction to give context to those who are reading. In between explanations and code comments can also help.

Looks like you have followed all the instructions step by step. But somehow there has been a doubling happened. All the attempts_per_year are double in its values. You might want to have a look at that.

Once you find that you can add a bit of conclusion of your analysis at the end of the report and summarise your finding. I hope this helps. Good luck with the project.