My first Python Guided Project! Please have a look! :)

Hello all! I`m Elena, a new DQ learner, currently on the Data Science with Python path and i really enjoy it!
I just finished my first guided project, which was a bit difficult to me since i am a really beginner in this field so i would really appreciate a sincere feedback on this.
Thank you!

My First Python Project.ipynb (80.1 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hi Elena @H_elen ,

Welcome to DataQuest community. Great to see that a beginner like you following all the instructions accurately and finishing the guided project properly. Good job. I can see that you have followed all the instructions exactly as it was mentioned there. One thing you’d want to read more and explore more would be the presentation of the projects. Since it is the first guided project, not a lot of focus was given to that even in the instructions. But you can find various ways to make your project more readable in this guide.

By using this guide you can make your project more presentable in case you’re planning to create a portfolio. We are looking forward to seeing your next project with these points incorporated. Keep up the good work.

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Thank you Jithin for reviewing my project and for your kind feedback! I will definitely read about that and hopefully next one will look better :smiling_face: cheers!

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