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My first python guided project

Here is my first guided python project. This is my first experience in coding, so I pretty much followed the solution notebook. Please do give your feedback and valuable criticism.

App Profile Recommendation | Dataquest

Quest_for _profitable_app (2).ipynb (73.9 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hi @aashaydabli96
Thanks for sharing your fist project with Dataquest community.Have gone through it and I can confirm that the general layout of the projects is well displayed and organized. The introduction, the explanations given in the markdown cell, the use of comments, and the aim/objectives are very informing.

I love your conclusion, the recommendation is so unique , and it’s true that building an app design for local shop owners can be one of the best choice to go for and adding a software to predict popular products based on present sale records to top other competitors is indeed a good idea.
I have two humble suggestions to make;

  • Always provide the link of the dataset you are using, and to add a link you can through this link it has got useful cheat sheet on Markdown syntax .
  • Same applies to the explanations you gave on the markdown cell[5] , you ought to have provided the link on the kind of discussion google has dedicated and by this, the reader will feel involved.

Otherwise congratulations mate for having completed your first projects. All the best in your upcoming projects.

Happy codding!


Thank you. That was very helpful. I have made the edit and provided the link to both datasets.

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