My first SQL Guided Project with CIA Factbook Data

SQL_Guided_Project_Analyzing CIA Factbook_Data_Using_SQL.ipynb (38.5 KB)

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Hi @yunuseb

Thanks for sharing your project with Dataquest Community. The queries has been well worked and has thus rendered desired outputs. Have few suggestions to point out.

  • You haven’t included the title of your project. The title always reflect what the analysis entails, and by missing this is denying the reader the opportunity to get a grasp of what your workings is all about.
  • Always ensure to include the objectives of your project. What are these questions your project is trying to answer? You should have these in the introduction in a brief way .
  • Also check on the typos, like below cell[19] I think the intention was to type ‘populated’ and not ‘populous’.
  • Anytime you are done with your workings, consider re-running your project to have your cells arranged in sequential order.
  • Work more on observations or explanations, most of your outputs needs explanations , like in cell [14] you can clearly tell that Bangladesh is the most dense populated country in the world, but this was never captured in your workings.
  • You can consider including subheadings in your workings. Not all readers will understand your queries, so including a subheading and giving a brief introduction on what you are just about to do is always the best approach.
  • Check on your last cell, I think you meant to use markdown and not the cell code.
  • Consider having conclusion anytime you are working on a project. Conclusion entails the findings of your project provided in a summary way.

Otherwise congratulations for the good work.


Hi @yunuseb,
Great job writing SQL queries. Great job commenting and providing conclusions. My only suggestions would be to:

1.) add sections so analysis will be easier to find and follow
2.) add the overall goal of your analysis

Great job finishing your guided project!

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