My first try on Python is ruined because of "string-operations"

“TypeError: ‘float’ object is not callable”

My first day. I am frustrated.

I am sure that I did everything right, the code didn’t work.
I even copied the solution from help, the code didn’t work.

even the “solution” is not right.

Thank you. thank you.

facebook = “Facebook’s rating is”
fb_rating = 3.5

fb_rating_str = str(fb_rating)
fb = facebook + ’ ’ + fb_rating_str


Hi @ovunct, welcome to the community. I’m so sorry you’re off to a rough start! The error you’re describing is a common one for new coders in Python, so don’t beat yourself up about it. Basically what has happened is that at some point the function you’re trying to use was overwritten as a variable.

The following post describes how to diagnose and fix the error:

hi @april.g . Thank you for trying to help.

Did you read the code?
Even the “solution” is not right.

After logout and login, the same code worked.
there is a problem in “dataquest”, not in my code.

But I wasted an hour trying to find a solution.

I don’t know how to reach people and warn about this problem.

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thanks ovunct for the information because am having same issues over here, so frustrated. guess i will give it a try