My guided data science project - My First

How to improve and make the project better.

Basics.ipynb (1.9 MB)

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Hello, @seunoyemakinde! Thanks for sharing your first project with the Community:)

The project needs re-work. It lacks most of the things that are necessary for a DS project like an attention-grabbing title, conclusions, answers to the questions, etc.

I advise you to read this tutorial on project style and come back later with an improved version of the project:)

Happy coding!

I agree with you @artur.sannikov96.
The project does need a review. I just completed the same project and I believe that @seunoyemakinde would be able to learn from it here

Hi @tosingeorge01! Your link leads to localhost. Please upload the notebook on nbviewer.

@artur.sannikov96 I have done as you have suggested. Please find updated link here

Thank you.

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Hello @tosingeorge01! You’ve made a nice project that has a very clear structure (ask question - answer question). You also included the final remarks (which oftentimes are the only thing that is read by someone) and even proposed some additional questions!

And the big “wow” goes to using plotly! You are at the beginning of your data science journey but you are already discovering and learning new libraries which is a big plus:) In addition, you learn some pandas and use an advanced function crosstab.

Some suggestions from my side:

  • Avoid technical details of the code in MarkDown cells. It’s better to use code comments for these. Concentrate on the storytelling in MarkDown
  • We might not need the information in the last column - you say this but do not explain why you don’t need this information
  • After code cell [13] you have a list of lists with years and # of escape attempts. This format is not very readable, could you come up with some other format that’s easier to read (a table maybe)?
  • You probably want to make all imports in the first code cell so the reader has an idea of what libraries are being used in the project
  • Since you learn a bit of plotly could you decrease the intensity of the colors you’ve used. You may also consider using color-blind friendly colors:)
  • You should also increase the contrast between the text on the donut chart and the filling color (I’m referring to black text, red color). You can also experiment by moving the text out of the donut chart and placing it at the side of the chart
  • Below [17] add the title and axes labels to the plot. What does it tell us? You can also skip the years with 0 attempts and tell the reason to the reader. Do the same for the plot [25]. You can also place the bars of [25] in descending order
  • Below [26] can you come up with a way of ordering Yes answers so you can easily see the answer without having to scan the whole data set?

Well done and good luck with your next projects! Happy coding :smiley:

@Elena_Kosourova, that’s one of the best beginner-level projects I’ve ever seen. I especially admire the use of plotly and pandas that were not taught by DataQuest yet. You should consider it in the Community Champion programme.


This is a great catch, Artur! I’ll definitely include this project in the program for this week! :dizzy: