My guided_project_1 feedback for development

So I just completed the analyzing apps project and even though I followed mostly what I saw on the course, I will need feedbacks on how to get even better insights into this data and the quality of my code and functions

Dataquest Project - Analyzing Appstore and Google Play apps.ipynb (59.2 KB)

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Hi @ifediorah.kenechukwu! Thanks for sharing your project with the Community! In my opinion, you have a very easy-to-follow project that is enjoyable to read. You’ve also extensively used comments to tell us what your code does, which is a great habit for every programmer. You maintained the same code style throughout the code which is important for the readability, well done!

Some suggestions from my side:

  • Try to think about another title rather than the one provided by DQ. You have to practice creating attractive titles
  • You have some typos, correct them
  • When you deleted row 10472, you didn’t provide a link to the discussion where this necessary was claimed
  • When you select apps with the highest number of reviews for iOS and Android, your code is almost identical in both cases. Do you think it’s possible to write a function to avoid repetitiveness?
  • It’s not clear why you sum up all values in [42]
  • Sometimes your code style is not the same (like in [46] you don’t have spaces after the commas). You can use Jupyter Lab Formatter to automatically adjust your code to the same style
  • Are you sure that the company has to build a Social Networking App? Won’t it compete with FB, Instagram, and TikTok? There are few very popular social networks that monopolized the market and it’s very hard to get into it at the moment

Hope you find my suggestions useful. Happy coding and good luck with your next projects :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hi @artur.sannikov96 !

Thank you so much for the review. To be honest, I felt so happy knowing that someone took their time to go through the project and give me review. I am truly appreciative.

Thanks for the tips. I will definitely review and implement the corrections. Thanks for the info about Jupyter Lab Formatter. I never knew of its existence.

About cell [42], the reason for the sum is because I wanted to get frequency value in percentages. To do this, I had to find the proportion of each individual value with respect to the total value and then multiply by 100. Hence, the reason for this line of code table[item] = round((table[item]/total) * 100, 2)

Finally, I believe the company could build a social networking app with a whole different focus. I mean, Facebook and Twitter and always been there but Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok still managed to find their way to the top of the bench. I strongly this is because they found something those apps were not offering and focused on it. They are necessarily the same model as Facebook and the likes but they are still social networking applications.

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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