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MY GUIDED PROJECT: Analyzing CIA Factbook Data Using SQL

I just finished the “Analyzing CIA Factbook Data Using SQL” guided project and I feel really good about my story telling so I want to get feedback on how I can improve. What I did good and what I did wrongly

Analyzing CIA Factbook Data Using SQL.ipynb (217.1 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


@ifediorah.kenechukwu two words that I would use to summarize your project are original and humorous :laughing:. Loved going over it.

The following are a couple of pointers that I hope could help in improving your project:

Presentation Style
  • An introduction and conclusion section would be good to include. Both highlight your understanding of the project.
  • Your story style is easy to follow and I enjoyed reading it.
  • Cell[1], I believe can be avoided as this installation only relates to your system and has not bearing on the project itself.
  • I would recommend that for cells like [17], [32] etc. where the output is very long, you could bring out the top 10 or bottom 10 of the respective columns. This could be more meaningful to the reader. Otherwise it can become an exercise in long scrolling.
  • I think use of emojis instead of acronyms like lol
    would help more readers to follow through especially those for whom English is not a first language. Check this out for the same
Coding Style
  • You could improve your indentation by taking a look at another SQL course on DQ. I think its called Introductions to SQL and the course can be found in the catalog (I tried to put the link but for some reason have not been able to access the page). The style used there is called River. Your code from cell[5] will look as follows:
SELECT name,population
  FROM facts
 WHERE population IN (SELECT MIN(population) 
                        FROM facts)
  • There are a few spelling and capitalization mistakes that may have gone unnoticed. A quick review of each sentence would be good before you publish the next iteration of this project.
  • If you are comfortable, in the next iteration you could include some data visualization. They add a lot of value to the project. That alongside your sense of humor could go a long way off. Just a suggestion.

I enjoyed your sense of fun :crazy_face: and hope to see more of your projects.

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Thanks a lot for this reply @jesmaxavier .

I’m really appreciative of this and will go through all the corrections and implement