My guided project: Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data. Feedback welcome!

Hi everyone!

This is my third guided project on dataquest, but it’s the first one that I’ve actually dedicated time into making it readable and presentable. I’m new to programming so it would be great to receive some feedback, whether it is about the code, the markdown comments, or the overall style/flow.

Thank you in advance!


Hi @vera.olive,

Thank you for sharing your project on Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data. The presentation is so cool, your introduction, the aim, use of comments , explanation are well presented. The conclusion as well has been well explained, thumbs up buddy for the good work.
Have got just two suggestions to make;

  • Some of your outputs like in cell [2] are too large, I think it would be more batter to instead use head() to control/limit such outputs.
  • In cell[8], I think it could have been more batter to print out number of rows before dropping and after dropping , just for clarification.

otherwise to me, I think all is well and just congratulating you for the good work and wishing you all the best in your upcoming projects;

Happy learning!

I agree, this looks pretty great! I have gotten lazy with dataquest, and haven’t used this for 3-4 months. It was great to have this as a cheat sheet to help remember some of the steps that I’ve forgotten. It didn’t help that I have been mainly using R the last few months when I’ve done programming projects. Thanks =)

Hi Vera,

Congratulations on having done a great project! :partying_face: Everything looks really amazing: well-organized structure, well-commented code, perfect emphasising where necessary (bold and italic fonts, backticks, bullet lists), links to the dataset, snakecase and camelcase articles, profound data analysis, interesting observations, insights, and storytelling style in general.

Some suggestions from my side for your consideration:

  • A good practice is to avoid adding numeration to subheadings and use different levels of subheadings instead (#, ##, ###, etc.).
  • It’s better to re-run an already completed project, to have all the code cells in order and starting from 1.
  • Please remove the last empty code cell.
  • It’s better to remove also the empty lines after code comments and the code lines afterwards, to save more vertical space.
  • The subsequent code cells without output can be combined, like [8]-[9], [11]-[13], [15]-[17], [89]-[91].
  • It’s better to avoid some obvious comments (like # import the pandas and NumPy libraries, # print an array of the existing column names). Otherwise, as I told earlier, your commenting is just perfect.
  • The code cell [5]: you can consider dividing it into several rows, to improve readability. As for the code cells [11] and [15], it seems that some redundant whitespaces were occasionally added at the end of the code lines, and a long scroll bar appeared.
  • For long numbers in markdown, like 125788.9, you can consider using a comma 125,788.9 (and also applying rounding) for better readability.
  • By the way, cars and other things can be actually “sold” free of charge on such websites :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope my ideas were helpful.
Great job your project, thanks for sharing!


Hi @brayanopiyo18, thanks for your notes, and best of luck to you too!

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@jdsdog10 glad to hear you’re back at it!

Wow @Elena_Kosourova, thank you so much! All of your suggestions make a lot of sense, I’ll definitely make those changes to the project.

I was really unsure about the free cars thing, something like that might be pretty common in one country and weird in another. But I guess you’re right, some people might just want to get rid of their old cars.

Again, thanks for taking the time. All the best!

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Great work Vera!
Well organized, easy to follow with interesting observations!

Hello Vera,

I would love to see your work but for some reason the page does not load in jupiter,

Maybe it’s me, but I opened jupiter in local just in case that was the problem but it didn’t work.

Best regards.

Hi @Edelberth, you’re right, the original link doesn’t seem to be working… I have no idea why actually :confused: are you able to open this one?

I hope that solves it.



Vera, now it works, no worries.

Thx Vera.