My Guided Project (Exploring Hacker News Posts)

Hi everyone,
I am happy to be within this community.
I have a good learning experience through this platform.

It is the first time I share my guided project.
Your feedback is very appreciated to help me improve and enhance my work.
Thank You :blush: :rose:

Basics.ipynb (26.9 KB)

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Hi @zainab_ali_alamer ,
Congratulations on finishing this project. Everything looks good. The structure, small explanations on the markdown cell, inline comment and code are all nice. You have also used the pytz library to convert the time. That is cool. I still need to figure out how to do that.
My only suggestion would be in regards to this code
print(hour,': {:.2f}'.format(avg))
You could have added a few words in between to get an output like
If you post at 3PM EST, the average comments per post is 38.59, something like that. It would give more context, I feel. Otherwise, everything looks good to me.

Thank you jithins123 for your helpful feedback. :rose:

In your comment, you wrote ā€™ I still need to figure out how to do that '.
Do you mean I have to write some lines to explain the code that I used by pytz library to make the code clearer?

Sorry if Iā€™m bothering you. :rose:

Hi @zainab_ali_alamer,

No, I meant that I still need to study about pytz library and how to use it on my project. I have done my project without using pytz library and without converting the time to other time zone.

In practice problems, there is a Dates and Times mission. It explains pytz library, it was useful.