My_Guided Project: Exploring Hacker News Posts

Guided Project_ Exploring Hacker News Posts.ipynb (8.6 KB)

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Hi Damodar.cp!
Thanks for sharing your project! I took a look through, and assuming you are looking for some feedback, I have a few comments for you.

  1. It looks like you submitted your notebook just as you finished with the project. Since we often travel back and forth between cells when we are writing up a project, it is a good idea to restart the kernel and run the entire notebook from scratch before you post it.
  2. Inserting markup cells between your code cells in the project helps others understand what each code block is performing. It makes it a bit easier to scan your project, instead of just seeing code which requires closer inspection to understand.
  3. In your In[15] block, it looks like you might have copied and pasted your print argument without changing the text, which makes the output harder to read.

Overall, nice job - it looks like you got the right results for the project, and are ready to move on! If I could offer one tip moving forward, it would be to design your notebooks with someone else in mind so that it is a bit easier to scan your next project.

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