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@Sahil thanks for editing my post.


Hello @raisa.jerin.sristy79

Remember to abide by these guidelines when uploading your projects in future. You may chose to bookmark the page like this:


which will appear here

Good work overall and remember come back to update your project and add some visualizations once you have completed those missions. Perhaps you could also add more of your perspectives and conclusions on the data in your project.



Thank you so much, I’m grateful to you for reviewing my work.


Hi @raisa.jerin.sristy79,
Looks like you have recently joined the community. Welcome to DQ community. Since you are new, I’d like to add a few points before going to the review of guided project.

  • Whenever you upload a ipynb notebook, you will see Sahil editing it. So that I figured out some time later that, Sahil, less call him the technical guy, editing your post to add the clickable link to open jupyter notebook in the notebook viewer. It is mostly automated, I believe. So every time you upload a notebook, you will find a reason to thank Sahil. So my point is that, its automated, don’t worry about it.

  • Second point is what has mentioned. When you are about to share your guided project, you might have seen some guidelines showing in the box. Like ‘Ask what kind of feedback’ you want, link to the DQ mission screen etc. More detailed guidelines can be found on the link shared above. Please have a look at it. If you follow the guidelines, it helps not only the system but also other community members to give you a better feedback.

Now coming to the Guided project. Congratulations on finishing this project and sharing it in the community.

When you are creating the guided project, there can be many objectives. If one of them is to create a portfolio for yourself, you have to create it for anyone and everyone who might come across it. That brings us to the point of having a good introduction.

For someone who doesn’t know about DQ guided projects might not able to understand quickly about the project you have done without a proper introduction.

So it would have been better if you could add an introduction, and talk about the data sets, where to download it, what does it deal with etc. And then you can introduce the problem you are trying to solve, in this case finding the best time to post on Hacker News.

In the similar lines, if you can explain what you have done with your code blocks, using the markdown cell, it would increase the readability of your project. Code comments also help others to understand your code easier.

Your code part in the project is really good. There isn’t anything to change in that. You have taken one extra step and converted the timezone into your local timezone which is very good. So coding part is great.

Like mention earlier, it is a good idea to add a conclusion at the end listing out all your findings from your analysis.

I hope this review is helpful to you in your upcoming projects as well. Happy learning.


@jithins123 I’m withdrawing my gratitude to Sahil for editing my post based on your words :wink:, But I really want to thank you for your review, thank you so muchhhhhhhh… :smile:


Oh no!! This isn’t good!!

@raisa.jerin.sristy79 You shouldn’t have withdrawn your gratitude! Or maybe I shouldn’t have said that!
Of course Sahil is a big part of this community. And he helps everyone! So we are forever grateful to @Sahil for sorting out our issues in a timely manner. Well, let me withdraw my previous comment!


I was just kidding, :joy: I am grateful to all of you, @jithins123, @Sahil, @loryncole and others.
Thank you so much guys.


@Sahil, I’m really grateful to you, I was just kidding, you know.


Haha, Same here!! :laughing: