My Guided Project II: Exploring Hacker News Posts

Hello everyone. I just completed my second guided project and I am excited about my progress.

Kindly go through to see how I did. I look forward to your genuine feedbacks.

Thank you.

Basics.ipynb (11.9 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hello @solomo.obs! Thanks for sharing:)

Your project is nice: the comments are clear and precise. Your code is well-formatted and divided into separate blocks (well done on introducing new lines when it should be logically separated).

Here are some suggestions:

  • Provide a better explanation of the dataset you worked with (like, what’s in it and so on)
  • Write a more attractive title: like “When should you post on Hacker News?”
  • Comment on your code: make sure you explain each code block, it may not be necessary for the easy code but it’s important to develop this habit early on! It will save you many times in the future.
  • Try to use better subtitles: they should describe what infromation your want to obtain in that section, not the approach you used (well, it may be good for a tutorial). For instance, Sorting and Printing Values from a List of Lists" describes the approach not the analysis.
  • Correct some typos: it’s easy to correct it even with Word, and your project will only benefit from it.

That’s all for me! Happy coding :smile:

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