My guided project on predicting House Prices

Hello DQ community, with this project I decided to experiment a bit with OOP and it was really fun doing this project. I am open to receiving any feedback.

here’s the url to my last mission screen

(Learn data science with Python and R projects)

House_prices.ipynb (554.8 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


@abomayesan ,
It’s always fun to experiment and it was worth having a look at your project.

  1. Your introduction was apt and mind readying.
  2. Your implementation of OOP was very professional as code reusability is a good quality for programming. This made your code simple, understandable with fewer repetitions.
  3. Your wrangling and visualizations were systematic and I could flow and follow what was going on in your head.
  4. Your use of markdown and comments for documentation was clear, directional and progressive.

I only noticed the file you read in was in .tsv while the one you pointed to was in .csv but it wasn’t too much of a cause to worry as a change in format reproduced your results excellently.

This is a ‘thumbs up’ to you for a job well done. Keep pushing!


Thank you very much.

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