Hello Everyone,
My name is Chisom, and I’m a DataQuest newbie. I completed my first project a few days ago, but have been having some technical difficulties with uploading it on this platform.
To circumvent this, I created a github account and the link to the repository for my first project is:

I would really appreciate any feedback/constructive criticism I can get on this project.
Thank you all!

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Hello @cadim. Congratulations on completing your first guided project. I had a thorough look at your project.

  • Good job on adding an introduction to the project, clearly stating the questions you are going to answer doing the analysis.
  • You have added comments to the code as well, good practice to start early on in your coding journey. Helps you to know what the code does when you come back to the project after a long break or someone is trying to read your code. However, I’d advice you to add the comment above few codes like:
# The * means that we're importing the entire helper library.
from helper import * 

# data is an instance of the class, data_from_url. more details later.
data = data_from_url(url)
  • Like the fact that you have used the .pop() method working with the lists, I think it wasn’t there in the instruction part of the project. Good job on thinking on your own and using a list method. However, you could have used a markdown for explaining why is that you are popping of the last element of each list to the readers? Remember, data analysis is all about story telling and conveying it to the readers.
  • In the cell where you have used the lambda function and created an attempts per year. I think, you could have used them in separated cells. One cell for creating all the years and other one for creating attempts per year.
  • Always rerun the entire cells at the last once you have finished your project.
  • Lastly, try adding an elaborate conclusion to your project in the last.
    Overall, I would say you have done a pretty good job on your first project, you have ticked most of the boxes like mentioned above. And as you go on with your future projects, here’s a link which will further help you in structuring your projects.

Thank you so so much @vishallbabu5.
I really appreciate you taking your time to give me a detailed review on my first project.
I’ll take these points into account and implement them while I work on my second project.
The link you shared is also very helpful.
I’ll truly appreciate more of comments like this from you on my upcoming projects.
Thank you again.