My Just Finished First Data Science Guided Project- Helicopter Prison Breaks

Hi guys, I am sharing with you my just finished first data science guided project. Your comments are highly welcomed!!.

First Guided Project.ipynb (81.2 KB)
Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hi @hassansmc114, congratulations you’ve done great work.
Try to do the following to make it better

  • Include a brief introduction outlining the project’s basic goals and the questions you hope to answer. In the same area, you can also include a summary of your key findings.
  • You can also add an image to it.
  • The fonts for the header of each session seem to be too big, instead of using H1 why not use H3.

That’s all from my end, keep up the good work


Hey… I am not able access escape data table in jupyter… Kindly just guide me which module and what to install and all… I have installed everything still it is showing no attribute like get and data_from_url and all… Kindly help me out how would I resolve this… Thank you

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Hello @shakti385man

I see that this is your first post, congratulations. :wink:

I imagine the solution to your problem is the order in which you run the cells, if you do it in the order that does not proceed then things fail.

If I am wrong and you have more doubts about it, I recommend that you thread in case that problem has not already been solved. take a look at this link will help you know what you should do.

See you here.


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Hey first of all thank you for responding. …yes this is my first post and I am totally new here that’s why i hadn’t known about guidelines and all… I shouldn’t post any screenshot here and that’s my fault so it won’t repeat again

I was observing and trying that how can I bring data to my notebook by installing and importing various modules and all that’s why my cells are such a dangerous manner…

Actually yes I am getting a lot of doubts when I try something new… Like in prison break project I am even not able to carry escape table to my notebook…

Hope you understand what am I facing… thank you


Hi @shakti385man,

Welcome to the Community!

The data_from_url() function is available only in the file helper (attached here). Please download it and put it in the same folder where you saved your Jupyter notebook. Then, before trying to use the data_from_url() function, don’t forget to import helper into your notebook:

from helper import *

By the way, if you need more guidelines, you can find useful this post.

Hope it helps. Happy learning! :mortar_board:

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Please don’t worry too much about not following the guidelines especially when you’re new. As long as they’re not harmful to anyone, feel free to ask your questions and improve those questions gradually based on feedback. Following the guideline is more about benefiting you and not us; it helps us solve your problems better.

It’s perfectly fine that you have doubts. If you don’t have doubts, it’s likely that you’re doing something that doesn’t challenge you. With that said, try to not let the doubt paralyze or stop you from trying to learn in Dataquest or anywhere else you find yourself in the future. You’re not alone and we’re here to help as best as we possibly can.

With regards to your problem, assuming you haven’t solved it yet, follow the helpful answer by @Elena_Kosourova. My eyes are awful yet again, but I think she accidentally missed the link to the file. You can download it below: (1.9 KB)

Feel free to ask more questions if you’re still stuck.


Thanks a lot, Wan, for noticing it and uploading the file! :+1:


No worries. Happy to help.


First of all thank you so much @Elena_Kosourova @wanzulfikri for your effort that’s really helped me and I am glad to become member of dataquest…