My learning process

Hi people,
Happy morning to you all!!!

I’m going to make a public commitment regarding my learning process, which will give me the accountability to complete the task. I know it can be done on different platforms but I think doing it with you all makes me more responsible towards my learning process.

I’m currently doing my master’s. I want to make myself proficient in data science and also in the coding part. I’m basically from an electrical background but want to dive into coding and shake it up!!

Keep enjoying what you do and remember “Less is better”…

Wish me luck and let the learning begin…

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I think I have found a mate here. I am also from an electrical background, and I have been wondering if I am doing the right thing by going into data science.
I have already completed my first course on SQL and I am already finding it interesting, Or does anyone think I am making a mistake?
would Artificial intelligence be a better field for me to get into?
Finally how relevant would I be to the field of data science if I only learn the coding aspect without getting a degree in data science?
My name is Chibueze and I am from Nigeria.

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Hey hi, happy to meet,
Just go with the flow my friend and keep diving deep into data science. They are a very interesting field. Data science is not meant only for a particular field of study because you will be working with a variety of data from a different field.

So, happy coding and have fun!!!
If possible, keep updating your learning process, it may help plenty(including me).