My Second Guided Power BI Project: Visualization of Life Expectancy and GDP Variation Over Time

Hey everyone, I just completed my second guided project. Thoughts and comments are welcome.

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Hello @ihotuagbo,

Well done completing your second guided project and thank you for sharing it with us.

I’m not proficient with PowerBI, so I can’t comment about what features within PowerBI that can improve your project. My brief thoughts are limited to the graphs.


  1. I can clearly see the trend of GDP and Life Expectancy across time in Africa. Well done!
  2. The capitalisation of “region” is inconsistent for the legends. Two graphs have “Region” while the top-right graph uses “region”.
  3. Maybe change “income2017” to just “Income”. Or is it linked to only one year?
  4. For the graph titles, you can consider standardizing the capitalization. If the first letter of most words are capitalized, maintain that style unless the words are common words such as “by” and “and” (note: this is style dependent, but what matters more here is the consistency and not the exact style you chose). For example, “region” and “year” are not capitalized while the other words are capitalized.

Hopefully that helps.

Keep up the good work. Cheers.


Thank you very much for your observations, they are really helpful. I will make the necessary corrections.