My Second Guided Project: Explore Hacker News!

Hey, everyone!
This is my second guided project here, diving more into Python. I didn’t make any of the extra suggestions yet, but I wanted some feedback about how it already looks like.

Thanks in advance!

Exploring Hacker News Posts.ipynb (13.1 KB)

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Hi @nathalia.pignaton, congratulations for having completed your second guided project. Have checked the introduction, use of comments, markdown cell and all looks good. For the conclusion it has no strongly connection with your objectives so please recheck on that.

Also most of your outputs have been displayed horizontally which to me is less readable. You can avoid this by omitting the print() function. For example in cell[9] by omitting the print() function ;

# Creating the list to store the date
avg_by_hour = []

# Populating our list with the values of posts per hour
for item in counts_by_hour:
    information = list([item, round(int(comments_by_hour[item])/int(counts_by_hour[item]),2)])
# Checking if everything worked fine

the output will be displayed vertically like this;

otherwise everything looks good and wishing you happy learning!

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Hi, @brayanopiyo18 ! I’ll work on it today, thanks a lot!!

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